Anti-Spam Policy

Financa Ltd takes sending of junk/unsolicited e-mails and spamming seriously and will not tolerate any cases with a customer being reported or found in violation of this Anti-Spam Policy. We will respond to any report submitted to us and act correspondingly with zero tolerance for violators.


In our case, an unsolicited e-mail is an e-mail you send to the number of e-mail recipients that have not authorized you to send them any invitation to join Financa Ltd. Whether your e-mail will contain your affiliate link or not, the invitation to join our company without authorization will be considered spam and you will find yourself in violation of the current Anti-Spam Policy.

If our security team has the reason to believe that you have violated this Anti-Spam Policy by using prohibited ways of promotion, we reserve the right to limit your account for time of investigation on the case or completely terminate/suspend your personal account and/or refuse provision of any services to you in the future.

NOTE: if your account is being suspended as a result of violation of this Anti-Spam Policy, you are not subject to receive a refund and neither you are eligible for a refund if you decide to dispute a transaction with your payment processor.

If you have received an unsolicited e-mail promoting Financa Ltd from one of our company customers, please kindly submit a report to our security team with screenshot attached showing the full affiliate link that you received in a mail when opening the letter. We will do reasonable efforts to prevent this happening in the future and address this issue accordingly taking all necessary measures.

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